Water Use & Development Plan

The Maui Department of Water Supply is in the process of updating its Water Use and Development Plan (WUDP). Hawaii state law requires each county to prepare, periodically update, and adopt by ordinance a WUDP to serve as the long-range planning blueprint for all uses of water in each county (HRS Section 174(C)-31 and 13-7-170). Each plan must be approved by the State of Hawaii’s Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM). Maui County also requires a WUDP update each time the County General Plan is amended or revised (Maui County Code Section 2.88A). The Plan is required to be consistent with State and County Plans.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Considers multiple forecasts
  • Discusses existing and future land uses and related water needs
  • Discusses resource impacts of proposed capital and other plans
  • Inventories existing water sources and use over a 20-year time-frame
  • Sets forth a program by which water needs will be met, and is drafted with credible public involvement

Public Meetings & Hearings / Documents for Review


Status of Maui County’s WUDP

A WUDP is being adopted for each island of Maui County. Together they will comprise the Maui County WUDP. Updates are as follows: