Best Management Practices - Business

Spill & Leak Reduction

  • Use drip pans during daily activities to keep shop floors cleaner, reduce the use of rags and adsorbent to clean floors, and provide a safer work environment.
  • Store chemicals, including vehicle fluids and pesticides in a covered structure on impervious ground.
  • Keep absorbent pads readily available where chemicals are used to quickly clean and contain spills.
  • Establish an inspection and maintenance program to regularly service equipment, identify potential leaks and spills from storage and equipment failure, and to take corrective action to avoid releases to the environment.

Floor Drain Discharge Elimination

  • Minimize the use of water to clean service areas. Use absorbents and vacuums to pick up spills and drips.
  • Dispose of waste fluids according to State regulations and check that haulers to carry waste off-site are properly licensed. Consult the product's Material Safety Data Sheets for hazard and disposal information.