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Don’t sweat it!  We are here to help!

In small and large ways, every household and business alike can cut back water usage indoors and outdoors.  Small changes can add up to big water savings!  Check out below our helpful tips, links, and FREE items to help you and your ohana do their part to make sure there is enough for us all when we need it!

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Around the HaleThere are so many ways to help conserve water indoors within your regular activities at hale (home)! Many of you know not to leave the water running when you brush your teeth and to take shorter showers. However, there are other ways to conserve water inside your home, such as using water-efficient appliances, toilets, and fixing leaks. DWS offers various ways to help you conserve water in your home with free programs and fixtures

Check out the list of ideas that might just help you save gallons of water each and every day! Print them and hang them up around the house as a reminder for everyone in your hale so they “Don’t Waste a Drop” and that small ways to save water can make a difference for everyone to get through these hot months.