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4th Annual Source Water Protection Video Contest Application


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Team Information
  3. 3. Consent Agreements
  • Introduction

    1. Video Theme: “Our Water, Our Future, Protect It"

      Entries must focus on the 2020 theme: “Our Water, Our Future, Protect It". Videos that focus on other topics will be disqualified. The video should not contain any advertisements or endorsements of any kind and must not infringe on any third party rights.

    2. Eligible Participants

      Participants must be enrolled and in good standing at a County of Maui public or private high school or home school (grades 9‐12).

    3. Submission Limits

      Video submissions are limited to one video entry per student as an individual or as a team of up to four students. All submissions are final.

    4. Video Recording & Content Criteria

      Be sure your video follows the “Our Water, Our Future, Protect It". theme. Order and time lengths: follow this order exactly:

      • Title Page: video title, students involved, name of the school and contest year
      • Main video
      • Total video length to be between 1.5 to 3 minutes

    5. Deadline to submit video entries

      • Midnight on Friday, April 17, 2020

    6. Entry conditions - By submitting an entry, you agree:

      • To abide by all rules;
      • To accept as final the decisions of the judges;
      • That the County of Maui Department of Water Supply reserves the right to exhibit submitted videos unlimited number of times and in/through a limitless number of locations/media without paying you a fee and with no further notification;
      • That if selected as a finalist, you must either: I) certify that your video has not been submitted elsewhere; or II) give satisfactory evidence that you now have the full right to submit and publish it;
      • That if you are a winner, information you have submitted concerning yourself and your prize may be utilized for publicity or advertising purposes without further consent or compensation to you;
      • That all related clearances and permissions must be obtained prior to submission. It is your responsibility to obtain signed releases from any person whose recognizable likeness appears in your video and to obtain permission to use all other copyrighted materials that was used in your film including still images, 3‐D objects, and music or musical compositions. You will assume all liability that may arise from lacking clearances and permissions.

    7. Rules & Guidelines

      Read the Rules and Guidelines (PDF) for all eligibility guidelines, submission requirements, and rules.

    8. Video Contest Coordinator

      Please contact Marti Buckner by email or Water Resources & Planning Division’s main number (808) 463-3110 with questions.