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Water Conservation & Source Protection Survey

  1. Do you feel like water conservation information is easily available to you?
  2. How long do you wait for hot water to come out of the faucet/shower head?
  3. Would you like to have more water conservation information made available to you?
  4. Please rank the obstacles between you and practicing water conservation: Please rate from 6 (highest) to 1 (lowest)
  5. Inconvenience
  6. Lifestyle / Lack of Time
  7. Cost
  8. Lack of Interest
  9. Feeling That Conserving Won't Make a Difference
  10. Owning a Pool / Hot Tub / Decorative Water Fountain
  11. Would you be interested in participating in a residential toilet replacement rebate program?
  12. Do you know what grey water is and how it can be used?
  13. Do you know what rainwater catchment is and how it can be used?
  14. Do you know what xeriscaping is and how it can be applied?
  15. In your opinion, which of the following practices would be most effective in conserving water. List in ranking order from least (1) to most effective (7):
  16. Retrofitting Older Toilets
  17. Retrofitting Older Shower Heads
  18. Replacing Inefficient Irrigation (e.g., Spray) with High-Efficiency Irrigation (e.g., Drip)
  19. Enforcing Water Use Restrictions
  20. Replacing High-Water Demand Landscaping (e.g., Lawns) with Low-Water Demand Landscaping (I.E., Xeriscaping)
  21. Using More Grey Water for Irrigation and Other Non-Potable Uses
  22. Using More Rain Water Catchment Systems
  23. Do you know what water source protection is?
  24. Are you concerned about pollution in your water?
  25. Have you seen any of the following activities in your neighborhood?
  26. Would you like the Department of Water Supply to do more to conserve and ensure the quality of Maui County’s water resources?
  27. Would you be willing to pay more for your water to support additional water conservation and water source protection efforts?
  28. Please rank the following sectors to help Department of Water Supply prioritize where you think additional water conservation and water source protection assistance would be most helpful:
  29. Agricultural Sector
  30. Hotel & Resort Sector
  31. Food Service / Restaurant Sector
  32. Residential Sector
  33. Industrial Sector
  34. Government Sector (e.g., Federal, State and County facilities)
  35. Education Sector(e.g., Kindergarten through 12th Grade Schools and University of Hawaii)
  36. How do you find about Department of Water Supply news and updates?
  37. What would you like to see being offered by the Department Water Supply? Choose your top 2!
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